Practical Field Guide for Community-based Human Rights Documentation

Asia Catalyst


To help community based organizations to document rights abuses by providing simple guidelines on human-rights based approach to documentation

Type of Document:
This Guide is based on the experiences of 8 community-based organisations from China, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam in developing tools for rights-based documentation and conducting the documentation.

Audience Intended:
Community-based organizations and/or trainers for use with community- based organizations.

Population Experiencing Stigma and/or Discrimination:
PLHIV and key populations

Stigma and/or Discrimination:

Assess and/or Address:
Address and Assess

This Guide can be used by the community-based organisations or any individual as they plan a documentation project. It provides quick reference tips. The Guide can also be used by “trainer” as a reference material.

About documenting any forms of human rights violations.

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