HealthWISE – Work Improvement in Health Services

International Labour Organization


The PDFs of this tool are:

1. Trainers’ Guide
2. Action Manual

To promote decent work in the health sector, which must include workers’ health and well-being, since the quality of the work environment can influence the quality of care provided by health workers.

Type of Document:
HealthWISE — a joint ILO/WHO publication — is a practical, participatory quality improvement tool for health facilities. The topics are organized in eight modules addressing occupational safety and health, personnel management and environmental health issues.

Audience Intended:
HealthWISE is designed for use by all who are concerned with improving workplaces in the health sector, including health workers and health-care managers, supervisors, workers’ and employers’ representatives, labor inspectors, occupational health specialists, trainers and educators. It encourages managers and staff to work together to improve workplaces and practices. HealthWISE promotes the application of smart, simple and low-cost solutions leading to tangible benefits for workers and health services, and ultimately for patients.

Populations Experiencing Stigma and/or Discrimination
Health workers, including workers with HIV.

Stigma and/or Discrimination:

Assess and/or Address:

HealthWISE combines action and learning. The Action Manual helps initiate and sustain changes for improvement, using a checklist as a workplace assessment tool, designed for identifying and prioritizing areas of action. Each of the eight modules illustrates key checkpoints to help guide action. Module 4 is explicitly geared at tackling discrimination, harassment and violence at the workplace, as these affect health workforce. The accompanying Trainers’ Guide contains guidance and tools for a training course.

See Module 4 and the discussion of discrimination experienced by health workers, p. 3 of trainers’ guide.

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