Respecting human rights in the implementation of the VCT initiative: operational guidelines

International Labor Organization (ILO)


This publication provides guidance on the protection of human rights in the implementation of the VCT@Work initiative — Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing initiative for workers. These operational guidelines have been developed, as part of the VCT@WORK initiative, to support service providers to ensure that people living with HIV are at the centre of efforts and services provided – in an environment conducive to respect for human rights. It aims at ensuring the meaningful involvement of PLHIV, as well as recognition and implementation of the priorities of consent, confidentiality, counselling and connection to care, treatment and support services.

Type of Document:
Operational guidelines

Audience Intended:
These operational guidelines target government ministries, businesses, employers’
organizations, trade unions and other nongovernmental organizations, and provide guidance for ensuring that the VCT@WORK initiative is implemented with the meaningful involvement of PLHIV, and also ensuring awareness of and adherence to the VCT principles and priorities.

Populations Experiencing Stigma and/or Discrimination:

Stigma and/or Discrimination:
Both together, but briefly mentions the difference (and causal relationship) in the executive summary; but does not go into depth about the difference. However, does not substitute one for the other regarding legal issues—is clear that legal issues only address discrimination.

Assess and/or Address:

Operational guidelines for governments, businesses, NGOs and employers’ organizations to read.

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