On Course: Roadmap on mainstreaming gender into national HIV strategies and plans

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


On Course will assist governments, civil society and other HIV actors to make clear, concerted and sustainable efforts to address multi-dimensional gender and human rights issues in their national HIV efforts and support increased capacity to achieve gender equality results.

Type of Document:
Guidelines that provide:
a) an explanation of why a gender-transformative approach is vital to curbing and reversing the spread and impact of HIV and a tool for a long term, gender-transformative national response, with “high-impact, high-value strategies.”
b) a strategic outline for designing a national HIV strategy or plan that integrates gender equality concerns at every level;
c) a framework for translating gender equality principles into gender equality practices in the national strategy or plan;
d) a cyclical mechanism for improved means of measuring gender-transformative HIV results;
e) tools to support effective gender-responsive programmes with clear, time-bound, measurable goals.

Audience Intended:
Governments, civil society and other HIV actors.

Populations Experiencing Stigma and/or Discrimination:
Women and girls, and key populations, including PLHIV.

Stigma and/or Discrimination:
Primarily Discrimination, does mention stigma.

Assess and/or Address:

“On Course” is designed to be used in a multiplicity of HIV strategy and planning contexts, whether standalone, integrated into the health sector plans, or developed as elements of other national plans and process (development plans, poverty reduction plans, gender action plans, etc.).

Fighting discrimination and stigma are primary components of gender mainstreaming.

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