Compendium of Judgments

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


To support lawyers’ and judges’ understanding of how the law has been used to protect individual rights.

Type of Document:
A user-friendly compilation of judgments from different national and regional jurisdictions around the world, representing enabling jurisprudence on HIV-related issues. It emphasizes a set of core issues in line with those discussed at the Judicial Dialogue on HIV, Human Rights and the Law in Asia and the Pacific, 2–4 June 2013, Bangkok, Thailand. They are:
• non-discrimination, including employment discrimination, discrimination in health care settings, and discrimination in other settings
• access to medicines
• same-sex relations
• rights of transgender persons
• rights of sex workers
• rights of people who use drugs

Audience Intended:
Lawyers and judges

Populations Experiencing Stigma and/or Discrimination:
PLHIV, LGBTI populations, transgender populations, sex workers, people who use drugs

Stigma and/or Discrimination:

Assess and/or Address:


Contains several subsets of discrimination-focused cases.

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