Reducing Stigma and Discrimination Related to HIV and AIDS: Training for Health Care Workers

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The PDFs of this tool are:

1. Participant’s Handbook
2. Training Manual

To modify health care workers’ attitudes while giving them practical knowledge and tools to both assure client rights and meet their own needs for a safe work environment.

Type of Document:
Manual for use as on-site training for all staff of a healthcare facility. Contains standard precautions and training aimed at minimizing stigma and discrimination. Questions, discussions, training tips and ideas to consider, Also contains participant’s handbook as second document.

Audience Intended:
Healthcare workers and all surrounding staff in health facility (e.g. gardeners, reception staff).

Population Experiencing Stigma and/or Discrimination:

Stigma and/or Discrimination:

Assess and/or Address:

This training is best conducted as an on-site training with all staff of the health care facility, including laboratory staff, cleaners, guards, gardeners, receptionists, nurses, midwives, physicians, and other health workers…if an on-site training is not possible, the trainers should develop a plan for ensuring that the knowledge and process is diffused from the training participants to other staff at the facility where they work…[training takes] at least two days, depending on the group (six days if more intensive training on infection prevention practices is desired).

Contains some “case studies” with answer keys.

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