People Living with HIV Stigma Index



The index aims to increase the evidence base and provide for advocacy by increasing understanding of how stigma and discrimination is experienced by people living with HIV. The evidence gained will then shape future programmatic interventions and policy change.

Type of Document:
An online index of standardized research projects. The People Living with HIV Stigma Index provides a tool that measures and detects changing trends in relation to stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with HIV. It is based on a questionnaire that has been translated into more than 50 languages. The process of implementation is critical as it is driven by PLHIV and their networks.

Audience Intended:
Researchers, in consultation with the Stigma Index Partnership, to prepare a research project of interviews and engagement with communities and individuals living with and affected by HIV and AIDS—PLHIV are key implementers of the interview process.

Populations Experiencing Stigma and/or Discrimination:
PLHIV, including in selected cases, key populations living with HIV.

Stigma and/or Discrimination:
Stigma focus, lists both.

Assess and/or Address:
Both – Assesses in gathering data, but addresses by involving PLHIV in the process and empowering individuals and communities most affected by the epidemic.

Different and tailored to each country, but in general, a team composed of partners from national networks of people living with HIV, local academic institutions and experts; technical support from the international partnership; interviews with organizations. Interviewers are people living with HIV, to sensitively and ethically interview other people living with HIV and provide referrals to appropriate services.

Ongoing, important work in many different country contexts; primarily stigma focused. There is no PDF available for this tool, but further information can be accessed at:

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