The User Guide for the HIV-related Human Rights Costing Tool

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)


The Human Rights Costing Tool (HRCT) is a system of Excel spreadsheets (requires Microsoft Office) that helps organizations estimate the cost of launching and developing HIV-related human right programs. This tool is a manual that provides technical guidance on how/when to use the HRCT, offering explanations and clarifications of costing techniques, methodologies and costing terminology in general.The HRCT focuses on costing at the service provider and district
level, but also provides essential inputs for costing at national and global level. The HRCT is very versatile–it has been originally developed for costing HIV-related human rights interventions –
but, with some adaptation, it can be made suitable for costing any small-scale program (i.e. those with no more than 10 output units).

HRCT Excel sheet:

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